How To Make An Electric Bike

Take Handy Tips On How To Make An Electric Bike

Do financial problems make your purchase of an electric bike unaffordable? Or are you eager for creating it by yourself? No matter which your reason is, it is not difficult at all to cope with these issues. With just several steps, you can do it yourself. All you need to do is preparing some necessary tools and following our instructions below. Let’s go!

How To Make An Electric Bike

Electric Bike

What You Need To Prepare Before Assembling An Electric Bike?

To make an electric bike yourself, you first need to have the following accessories:

First and foremost, you need a bike. You can choose any type, but a mountain bicycle that comes with a strong frame will be the best choice. Your cycle should have space for the battery to power it.

Also, the following items will be essential for creating an electric bicycle:

  • A Lithium-ion battery for electric bikes or from two to four rechargeable batteries.
  • A control clock which includes a horn, headlamps, and a speed and energy system
  • An engine including the cassette connected with the axle. To make an ordinary electric bicycle with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, you need to have a 250W engine. In case you desire for an electric bike with higher speed and power, you have to buy a stronger motor.
  • Gas handles for the speed adjustment when you are driving your electric bike
  • A speed ​​regulator – an essential part that considerably affects the speed of the vehicle through regulating the power of the engine under the control of the gas handles.
  • A battery holder
What to prepare before assembling an electric bike

What to prepare before assembling an electric bike

You can purchase all these appliances and accessories at electronic shops or bike accessories stores.

How To Make An Electric Bike?

After preparing all the necessary things for assembling an electric bicycle, please take steps to generate your product.

Step 1: Connect rechargeable batteries.

Connect rechargeable batteries

Connect rechargeable batteries

If you choose to use Lithium-ion battery, you will not have to perform complicated connection manipulation. But in case you take two, three or four batteries for your electric bike, it is vital to follow the principles below:

  • The anode (usually in red) of the first battery connects to the cathode (blue or black) of the second battery. You continue doing so for the remaining ones.
  • You link the anode and cathode of the two outermost batteries to the source – the speed controller of the cycle.

Step 2: Connect the gas handles.

Connect the gas handle

Connect the gas handle

The gas handles are the part controlling the speed of your electric bicycle. You need to install them right on the handlebar of the bike.

These handles usually have two jacks. For the longer one with three wires, you connect to the speed controller. Meanwhile, the shorter one having two wires will be joined to the clock, right on the horn.

Step 3: Connect the motor to the bike

Connect the motor on the bicycle

Connect the motor on the bicycle

We usually use the three-phase motor with a sense or no sensor for electric bikes. The engine consists of at least three wires. You can make the connection following the instruction below:

  • Connect the phase wires of the motor to the wires with the same colors on the speed regulator. For example, blue links blue; green links green, and yellow links yellow. These colors may vary depending on the type of motor.
  • Join the motor sensor to the speed regulator.

Step 4: Connect the speed regulator

Connect the speed regulator

Connect the speed regulator

The speed regulator is the most complicated part of the electric bike. Keep reading to explore some outstanding points you should pay attention to:

The speed controller has two big wires in red and black directly joined to the rechargeable battery source. You can connect them with the method below:

  • Join the positive wire of the speed regulator (the large red one) to the anode of the electric bicycle.
  • Join the negative wire of the speed regulator (big black wire) to the cathode of the electric bicycle.

While joining the cathode and anode together, you should also make the connection between the cathode and the anode on the lamp.

  • Connect a small orange wire (or small red wire) on the speed regulator with the electric lock wire on the control clock (usually in green).
  • You can use conversion wires (two wires in white or red with jacks in black) in case you want to reverse the direction of your electric bike. You need to link these two jack heads together in two seconds; then the motor will be reversed.

Step 5: Complete the assembly of components

Assemble bike components

Assemble bike components

Depending on the structure of the bike, you will make your design to turn a bicycle into an electric bike.

  • Place the clock on the handlebar. You can design a small rack in stainless steel to hold this part.
  • Put the rechargeable battery on the saddle or the lower frame of the vehicle. You should take the latter and add a wooden rack to keep the battery.
  • Mount the motor on the back axle or the disc axle. You can look at the bicycle type to choose a suitable location.

Our advice is that before joining the wires, you design the proper positions for every bike part.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, with the instructions above, you can make an electric bike for yourself. Good luck!

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