Learning How To Ride A Bike by Discerning Cyclist

Learning How To Ride A Bike With My 5 Year Old Version

Learning How To Ride A Bike by Discerning Cyclist

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Hey Mary!

Look at the boy and his dad.

Ah! They are learning how to ride a bike.

Woa! It reminds me of my wonderful period of time when I was a 5-years-old kid.

We shared our story together and we were unanimous in writing this article. There may be a lot of people who are looking for.

Let’s discover to see that riding a bicycle is not as simple as what you read in a guide or watch in a video

The first mistakes in learning how to ride a bike

Stop illusion before you really ride a bike

Stop illusion before you really ride a bike

At first, I simply thought that what I had to do was to get on and pedal away.  I believe that 99% of kids in modern society have a similar thought.

Let me tell you – little girls and boys that most of us will experience some physical and mental scars before riding fluently.

So, stop illusion, if you don’t want trough of disillusionment after the peak of inflated expectations happens.

Drawing the valuable lessons from failures of previous riders

So confident when riding well a tricycle

So confident when riding well a tricycle

I tried to ask some little riders in the park where my friend and me sharing the story of learning how to ride a cycle:

  • The first one is a 6-year-old boy. “Hello! I am six years old. My mother asked me getting on the saddle and started at a top of a low hill while my father would catch me at the bottom. But, everything didn’t happen as we expected. I fell out of the bike in a grass plot. And end.”
  • Another boy said that the first place where he practiced was a big balcony. His father wanted he rode in a safer area than the road in advance. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized due to losing control.
  • A poor girl who learned to ride without stabilization is Sue. Her dad ensured to hold on to the saddle and keep it. However, he let her go after. That caused fear or elation when she recognized her dad let her go.
  • I saw there are a lot of parents who emulated their kids by jumping over some other children on the estate. I didn’t think that this way was effective even it could put their kids onto danger.
  • Now, this is my own failure. I was very clever to learn most of the subjects in my school. Thus, I was self-confident to ride my bike as well even when I closed my eyes. As you guessed, I hit flowerpots of my neighbor. He was not happy about that.
  • Actually, before riding the two-wheeler bike of my sister, I could handle my tricycle very well. This is why I was so confident. But, the two-wheeler bike is not stable as a tricycle.
  • Never use a super-high folding bike for the first riding unless you want your kids to fall out of the bike and be caused some scars.
  • What is more dangerous than waving with friends while riding a bike at the first try.

Who did it?


And I ended up my performance in a hospital.

Now, you knew all the mistakes which you should avoid. I will show you the guide of how to ride properly which I learned from my mom:

Hey, learn here

What did my mom and I do?

Prepare, prepare, and prepare…

The first thing I must prepare is my mind.

Am I ready to learn?

Then think about a bike, a grassy hill, a gently sloping, and a wrench.

Are your kid 4-5 years old? If yes, stand up and ride. Don’t wait for more. He has enough coordination and balance.

The bike that my mom buy was large enough for me to struggle to control it. However, I can place both feet on the ground while I stand over the crossbar with one inch to spare.

At that time, I feared the 20-feet high slope which my mom took me to it. However, it was angled enough for my bike to coast down without being steep. Moreover, there was a lot of level ground at the end around 20 yards in all directions.

Keep safe…

Prepare a good helmet

Prepare a good helmet

My mom cared for my safety very much.

She selected a place with soft grass where protects my skinned knees away from scars.

Besides, it is indispensable to have a helmet.

According to some studies, there are 85% of head injuries caused by riding without a helmet.

Actually, I didn’t know how to wear a helmet.

She taught that there were side straps. They had better form a snug “V” under your ear. Make sure that you can slide your 2 fingers underneath the cinched chin strap. Also, where are the rear and the front? I must know.

When I was a 5-year-old girl, I didn’t know why I wasn’t allowed to wear baggy clothing, but now, I recognized that my mom tried to keep me away from accidents.

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Roll away

Let’s start. Here are what my mom said:

  • Get on your bike.
  • Put your feet on the ground.
  • Hold the handlebar straight.
  • Keep your arms slightly bent.
  • Lift your feet and roll to the bottom of the hill.
  • Put your feet on the ground to control the speed.

I just kept doing these things until I could handle my bike confidently.

I also had to learn how to stop safely by braking after the hill levels out.

Raise the saddle to pedal

This is my mom’s requirement.

I had to raise the saddle high enough to have my leg bent when a pedal is at the bottom of a stroke.

Now it’s time to try it yourself!

When I was a kid, I was so lucky to be taught how to ride a bike by my mother who knew what was the best for me. Thus, I shared this story. Hope you learn some informative things.

Actually, my friend’s story learning how to ride a bike is also very funny. I will share if you would like to know.

And don’t forget that I am waiting for your interesting stories. I believed that each person has a different special story which brings many valuable lessons.

Please leave your comments in the section below and share if you see my post is informative.

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