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B.F.EvansRaceParts.com is currently under construction for a much needed make over. Please check back soon to see the new site. If you need assistance in the meantime please call 1-877-611-2613

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  1. Miles Stacey says:

    Hi Lem,

    Would you please read the conversation below and comment on whether this a project you would be interested in? I am curious as to the difference in HP between the SCJ heads and the Trickflow. I assume both would meet my goals with the correct cam, intake and carb.

    Hi Charlie,

    I have a 67 mustang with a 521 short block. Dean Pedersen (BossHoss) recommended I contact you re: purchasing a correct set of heads.

    The car is mostly stock. I have 90/10 front shocks, calvert racing rear shocks and Caltracs. Tire size is 10.5 x 28. Rear end ratio is 4:11 Weight of car with driver is about 3500 lbs.

    Short block is Scat 9000 521 with flat top pistons and a single (standard?) valve relief. Oil pump is a Melling HV and pan is a 8 qt Milodon. Cam is (was) c-460 hydraulic. I plan on re-camming with a solid roller.

    The car ran 11.5 secs with a stock C6, Edelbrock 95 cc heads, a perfromer RPM and a 950DP. Converter was 2500 RPM but I left the line on a footbrake at about 1500 RPM. Anymore preload and the car just pushed me thru the staging lights

    I have purchased a 1.8 1st gear ratio PG and will have the converter stalled to suit. The PG has a transbrake.

    My goal is a consistent 10.5 without having to lighten up the car a whole lot.

    My questions are:

    What cylinder heads should I buy. Do I need to replace my Scat pistons? What intake should I buy? What cam should I buy? Can I reuse my Prosystems 950 DP.

    Of these parts, what can you supply?

    Your help and advice is much appreciated.

    Miles Stacey
    —End Quote—

    Probably the most cost effective move would be the simplest and that is to switch to the TFS Street heads with the 290 cc intake port.  Therefore your current pistons will work fine with no changes.  You will gain a bunch of compression because of the TFS’s having a 72 cc chamber verses the big Edelbrock chamber.

    The most horsepower move to make would be to switch to the FRPP SCJ heads.  You will need to upgrade the springs and retainers to go with that roller cam you are talking about.  With these heads, you will need to have you local race shop cut some new intake valve reliefs in your current pistons.  You also must backcut the intake valves with a 30* backcut about .075″ wide to .085″ wide.

    With either set of heads, buy and use the new TFS Mafia intake manifold that I designed for them.  This manifold is for the dominator style carbs, so yes plan on changing carbs to a Quick Fuel Technologies 1150 or 1250 4500 series carb.

    For any and all of the parts you mentioned, contact Lem Evans at http://www.bfevansraceparts.com

  2. Randy says:

    Are a yall still selling parts

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